Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dissolving Planes

In the National Library I knew something was coming over me. I could feel my senses scatter. I was in a crowd but was losing that orientation and knew I needed an ambulance. I told R but heard my words come out in a scramble. I saw the world fracture and float. There were planes of motion and movement. I knew people as a concept to exist but couldn't put any of these colors and shapes into a person. I heard voices but couldn't make it back into language. I looked at my hand and felt it likely was mine but couldn't see how it attached to my shoulder or torso. I felt myself being pushed and with relief found there was a solidity of cube shape under me. There was a sound that I could isolate as having common features if I concentrated hard but couldn't make sense of the sounds. It got louder so must be closer. There was a clustering of black planes and it was louder when shapes got nearer. Other shapes and sounds were further. I reached for it and what I decided was my right hand attached to it and the hand of mine had solidity and so did the shape of knee I held. Everything else was jarring of disconnected sound and motion.

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