Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In a black box theatre

When E arrived late, K had a crescent of an audience around him, murmuring. He was grinning and was pulling up the back of his shirt to show off the scratch marks that E had left on him. Behind him I could see her watch the scene, the press of her lips, laugh suppressed, her indulgent smile.

When he looked up he startled to see she was there. He reddened differently, self-conscious, and held out an arm to greet her. She entered his side embrace. They nuzzled heads and she whispered something to him and glanced at me. She was passing on what I related to her earlier. He chuckled. They both looked at me. They left the company present.

A few dreams later, she sent me an email. I looked at it an original Mac screen. It read only "thnx" with a winkie.

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