Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rec Room

The dream as set at my parent's house and the doorway to my old room except it opened to an auditorium, a whole wing. in one corner was a rec room set up. Inside were S, S2 and J, and a dream creation aboriginal male. We were watching movies on a wall screen. It was late at night, early a.m. I heard my mom talking and coming closer. I opened the door to go out and cut her off before she came in. S2 declared that he needed to pee and zipped past me and cut off my dad on the way to the washroom. Mom said, you have a boy in your room?? I said, no it's S2. Mom starts to lecture and S2 comes back past with popcorn. Mom dream dissolves and I reenter my room.

When I return there's no furniture and S and J are high fiving. I look up and the two black leather sofas and chair have been attached to the ceiling.

All are looking proud of themselves and toasting. S points out that they have made all the arm rests magnetized so the chip bowls stay attached. He lifted one up and attached it to the arm rest. There's a pile of chips on the floor under it.

It fades to black.

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