Friday, May 28, 2010

being a mote

I had the sensation of being only a dot in space, no weight, no volume, no dimension, no gravity. The dream was stable for some time. It was comparable to the dream when I was a stone in a field.

Suddenly I felt a stretch and I was two points. I felt enormous with two dimensions floating among stars.

With something like a sound, gravity arrived. I knew which way north was. I had a sudden sense of being with a dispersed self. I knew I had hands and feet as radiant lines. They floated near me.

With something like sound and surprise they connected with zips to hitch hands and feet to arms and legs to the line of spine, and I felt some heavy depth stretch me down. I was falling and widening and I was plooping out width to have full arms, legs and torso and I knew myself to be about 30 feet from the ground, suspended and gaining weight by the second and falling. I could feel the contours of the shape of myself defined as it pressed into bed.

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