Thursday, May 13, 2010

the curious incident of the puppy at midday

I was visiting the new puppy at R's place. It fit in a palm, so new that it had fuzz not hair. The belly was pink with black freckles. As I was kneeling, oohing and ahhing and adoring the thing which was wriggling on the living room couch, the doorbell rang. The entryway and door was on the the other side of overstuffed ottomans and burgundy lazy boy chairs but I could see the exchange from the couch.

R came downstairs and answered the door. It was N who presented R with a padded envelope. R made some sort of ah, fabulous, thanks for remembering and said he'd tuck that away in his office immediately and hurried off. N opened his mouth to protest but R was already disappearing into the room on the opposite side of the entryway.

N turned called out and explained he was just dropping that package off en route to a meeting and he really didn't have time to stay. A muffled reply came. R asked him to wait a sec. R was in library across the way, asking him to wait because there was one small matter that would only take a moment in a second.

With R having bustled off, I waved at N past the armchairs and occasional tables of the fairly stuffed room. I lifted the puppy and pointed to it. N noticed then and stepped fully into the foyer, closed the door behind him and came to see me and the pup. He crouched down and started to say something in puppy-talk-tones and scratched the puppy's back and ears and the pup rolled onto its back. And peed. A sure straight stream straight onto N's dress shirt. N's face was a mixture of horror, bewilderment and laughter. He froze. I laughed.

He got flustered. He explained he was on his way to a client and I said it wasn't a problem. I showed him the way to the kitchen as he fussed. I asked him to stay put and got a towel and started blotting water onto the pee on his stomach. I was again kneeling and blotting. N's back was to the second door of the walk-thru kitchen.

R bustled in and froze and began blushing and vehemently apologizing for interrupting as he backed out. N's crinkled brow turned red and we both started saying no, no, that's not what it looked like. I started laughing. I laughed so hard I woke myself up laughing.

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