Saturday, May 15, 2010

disturbing (content advisory)

I never saw his face. my gaze was down as I sat across the booth from friend A and this guy who was trying to chat her up, pick her up. She cooled from minimal response to ignoring as he talked and he started gesturing on her arm. She pulled back and he kept punctuating with back of fingers rubs down her biceps. I was monitoring and could feel my gut twist. She seemed sure he'd just go away.

She didn't leave but neither would he for lack of response then he turned her in the bench seat and put his arms around her. She started twisting and elbowing him and he grabbed more strongly and pulled her to floor under the table, her back on his front, trying to pull up her shirt. His finger started digging into her stomach. She started fighting back more strongly, grunting and and struggling. I stood and started kicking his head. I kicked until blood was splattering. I kicked until he started to release his grip but his head was a sack of red pulp and she was panting and pulling herself off him.

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