Monday, May 3, 2010

House III

It was a blustery winter day and I was walking south up the street. It was largely a white out. I was knocking on door after door and those that answered, slammed it in my face. I didn't know where I was, only that I was cold and I had sold no eggs. I had a wire basket of eggs that were freezing. As I climbed the next porch, I realized it was O's home and the warm light poured from the door. I asked if he would like some eggs.

We looked down at my wire basket and it had become a birdcage with 3 eggs rolling around at the feet of the rooster. I looked up at him and wondered if he could tell a chicken from a rooster. We looked at each other and after a pause he said, "I'll take a dozen".

I whined, "but I only have 3." He answered "I'll wait." and pulled my shoulder to bring me in. I sat down the cage and he ordered that I sit on the ottoman and read him Purdy until we're ready. "Where?" I asked, trying to scan the ceiling high shelves. He sat in the armchair and pointed. I thought to myself, but that's Tomas Transtromer. "Nope, it's Purdy. Read." he said. And I started to read aloud.

Then there was time lapse and it was spring melt running down the street and sunshine sparkling in it and my hand was on the door, opening it with an empty cage.

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