Sunday, May 2, 2010

House in Dreams

house from dream
This is a house I've been to a dozen times over 2 or 3 years. It's a dream creation. It is the House of T and O. Often only T is home but sometimes both.

The snowbank I note with the x was where I dreamed I was, in headfirst, up to my knees in snow. I turned into my spotted juvenile seagull and went searching for help for myself. South down the street a block I could see T coming and I began to caw and circle above my feet. T said, why, that's Pearl's coat there and he hauled me out by the ankles. He skidded me along the sidewalk, pushing me ahead of him. I was solid as a board and clunked me up the stairs, took me to the old Queen Anne's chair in the bedroom but I was frozen. He propped me against the wall over it so I would melt into it. He and O conferred in the dark corner of the doorway to the main room. The bedroom was light. I was wrapped in a blanket. O fetched warm things: hot water bottle, foot bath and soup and I could tell they were still there but I was too cold still to move or speak. I began to feel heat as I awoke.

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