Saturday, June 12, 2010

the music sabbatical

My application was accepted as a bass player to do a training in France for 5 weeks with a master string player. I got word thru a stray open network on my wifi as I was driving in a largely lightless landscape. The power grid then collapsed the rest of the way. I knew I had to leave in a few days and there was no way to contact my parents to warn them that they wouldn't hear from me. For 3 days I checked but they were still in the blackout area.

There was an alley, extremely narrow, dusty with garbage blowing down it. It made its own night because the walls were so tall and the alley so long. People were talking across the alley across the upper floors. Near a fire escape there was a couple feet wide flat screen displays where porn played. It was a way zoomed in view to the level of pores of skin.

I went in a random house and found that the person living there asked me to have a tea. She was the mother of someone also accepted to the program. This assured me that the program actually existed and wasn't a practical joke. I'd tell my mother if I could contact her again but I knew she was in a coma now and that might be tricky.

I went to house in Europe before sessions started and after the guide left the room a wooden panel near the floor, there was a quiet click, a slide and then a moo and a click. I looked back and didn't see anything. I walked around the room. A semicircle decorative feature, slid open and a man's head came up on a dumb waiter. We looked at each other and he mooed at me. The door snapped shut again in a puff of white soot.

I crinkled my brow and went over to rearrange the chair. The sheet over it looked like it covered a cushion. when I arranged it, underneath was my application that I'd mislaid. I went to put the pillow from the side table onto the fern because it needed a soft thing for its leaves.

The room seemed ready so I moved towards the door and the flooring boards did a wave like a ripple back and forth like the fin of a flounder, and the division between boards became lips. There was a garble of conversation then the boards went neutral again. I watched for a moment to see if it would do it again then left the room.

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