Thursday, July 15, 2010


flickering set of dreams, four or five, laid out flat like on a drive-in movie screen. was primarily observing, though sometimes the film would suck me in and i'd become a participant. the first something of carnival animals, all the colours garish, set loose in jungle. a horror.

the second a romantic comedy. everything frilled pink. lace. each particle delineated into baroque frets and spikes.

the third film noir. my lips painted sharp poinsetta red. liquids of all colours in glasses. a detective holding the brim of his hat. lonesome sob under fluorescent signage. street wet with rain.

the final film abstract. scenes blurring together, lack of cohesion, everything's moving too quickly. ebbs and flows like water. I see him across a stretch of that lake of blur, and am afraid for him, want to protect. stick out my hands. wake up.

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