Tuesday, July 27, 2010

polar expedition

Kidnapped, held for days on boats in the polar ocean, which were forced to race against one another, full crews, through icy water full of clumped ice shards. My boat's name Apolline, kidnapper hitting its flank with the palm of his hand, like a racehorse.

Released, somehow, most people survived, the boats turned into adrenaline coursed pleasure boats. Start off point near Niagara Falls which has grown colder, merged with the polar ocean, grown shorter and more powerful. Overwhelmingly loud pounding noise of the water. Decide to re-board my boat, on a crew with uneasy friends, they're surprised I'm willing to take this trip. We had to swim to the boat, through hip level frozen water, the menace of sharks, great whites.

We're going to meet S. later, have to get directions for her, from X, who thanks me, we end up half-drifting to sleep together on the couch, his arm weighted around my shoulder, drifting into this exhausted memory of before, before I wake myself with a start from the courch, get up and walk away. He stumbles after me a little then gives up. I know it's only a dream/memory and I can't let myself fall asleep there.

To a parapet, watching the dark blue water which is laced with ice, icebergs, and white whales that puncture the surface of the water. A mother and her calf, giant white whales, not belugas but albino sperm whales, like Moby Dick. The sky is so cold and an entirely different shade of blue, pale and sudden.

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