Monday, August 16, 2010

After the chalet meeting

I have just come from one meeting and need to go to the next.

In the elevator, glancing in the mirror I am Philip from Guiding Light circa 1985. My hands have a rash that seems ominous. I tug my cuffs lower. There are 3 elevator buttons: 9, G and 9. I'm on 9. I can't go to G, so 9th floor of basement? The door closes. It doesn't move, then slowly wobbles. When it opens I'm in a tunnel of a hospital mall with the most obvious store being Zellers down the hall. Perfect. I run for the store. I need my meds. I get absorbed in candies and pens and the selection of things. I find it wondrous that I never have to risk leaving this compound anymore. The basement has so much.

I'm back on duty as prince. We are at the top of the stone tower. The air is humid. It has just rained. The sky is blue. The king in his ornamental robes on his divan bows his exit, and most of the entourage carried him away or accompanies him to leave. I am left with a few of the guards. My arms are itching. Not again. As a back from the edge of the parapet I see my reflection as I change from red to a cartoon red potato. One of the guards notices me. He swivels, his eyes squinting. The french fry that he is asks the half dozen if they smell a...potato. They turn and see me. Telescoping scalpels pop out and they start to rush me.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

newsprint image

the previous 6 panels of the B&W comic fading. Realizing that the character had rebuked that the male comic strip character for living a dream world. In the second last panel, checking the flip open cell phone and there's a picture of an island retreat then last panel, she's in bed with the beach getaway starting to come in sketch of pixels.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

nightmare: house of mirrors

my apt in a building full of mirrors pay parking lot I couldn't find my slip the front desk kept calling to tell me to move/pay my bill that my visa had 'relinquished' the funds the elevator full of mirrors too fast painfully bright sneaking off to my car panicking finding my wallet money books phone little writing books strewn around the car keys still in the ignition can't find my ticket emily haines playing full blast 'lack of light' roaming homeless men in the garage as they shut down the lights in the garage one doesn't believe me when I say there's nothing of value in the car keeps menacing comes closercloser telling me to look at the wound on his head I feel horror won't he hits me I run into the elevator where he can't follow hallway outside my apt full of mirrors realise my keys are still in the ignition downstairs water leaks into the carpet from the ceiling a flood panic can't breathe try to call you but you won't answer someone else picks up says 'christine can't this wait?' I gasp 'yes oh yes oh oh sor-rree yes' hangup can't breathe the sound of the water dripping phone vibrates you call me back ask what's up I gasp out that I'm stuck in the hallwayabout the parking lot man the water that I'm having a panic attack that delusional that I've lost my mind can't thinkcan't breathedon't know what to do or where to go wonder if I should call 911/go to hospital I want you to take me to emergency intense crazy panicked nothing makes sense all literal storylines warp water incessant you disconnect don't respond but I can still hear you moving on the other end of the line cluttery car noises conversation w/ other peopleI can't breathe gasp ‘____ ______ ____ please please' only you won't respond I wake up my heart explodes.

Thru the Institution

In winter city streets, I was trying to take a short cut between disconnected bus routes. I cut thru an institutional building that echoed empty. I noticed lockers on the wall exceptionally big, I thought, shucked my clothes and backed into one. I sat like a hermit crab as the heat came on. Mind your wrists I thought as the red wired left and right heated up. Folded over chest to thigh I started to sweat and soaked in the heat. Eventually warm enough I wandered the halls, saw an atrium of a room with three story ceilings and masseuse tables. Next time I thought I myself. I was redressed.

I saw lockers and that they were of all sizes and mostly unused. Free little boxes. Some of various blues, some orange, some cream. I picked an extra large square blue one, at hand level, right around the wall return from the sauna box, by the large spinning machine.

Hopping thru the pillared space around the spinning machine, it looked like a cotton candy maker but it was spinning stuffed animals. I went in a classroom and had a rest, lying across a table. When I woke, I was in a photo shoot for the soccer team. We were in a kind of V and I was back left. Someone from the front with a long lens said smile, then another did, and then we were all asked to leave for the next team standing impatiently at the end of the alcove.