Monday, August 16, 2010

After the chalet meeting

I have just come from one meeting and need to go to the next.

In the elevator, glancing in the mirror I am Philip from Guiding Light circa 1985. My hands have a rash that seems ominous. I tug my cuffs lower. There are 3 elevator buttons: 9, G and 9. I'm on 9. I can't go to G, so 9th floor of basement? The door closes. It doesn't move, then slowly wobbles. When it opens I'm in a tunnel of a hospital mall with the most obvious store being Zellers down the hall. Perfect. I run for the store. I need my meds. I get absorbed in candies and pens and the selection of things. I find it wondrous that I never have to risk leaving this compound anymore. The basement has so much.

I'm back on duty as prince. We are at the top of the stone tower. The air is humid. It has just rained. The sky is blue. The king in his ornamental robes on his divan bows his exit, and most of the entourage carried him away or accompanies him to leave. I am left with a few of the guards. My arms are itching. Not again. As a back from the edge of the parapet I see my reflection as I change from red to a cartoon red potato. One of the guards notices me. He swivels, his eyes squinting. The french fry that he is asks the half dozen if they smell a...potato. They turn and see me. Telescoping scalpels pop out and they start to rush me.

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