Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thru the Institution

In winter city streets, I was trying to take a short cut between disconnected bus routes. I cut thru an institutional building that echoed empty. I noticed lockers on the wall exceptionally big, I thought, shucked my clothes and backed into one. I sat like a hermit crab as the heat came on. Mind your wrists I thought as the red wired left and right heated up. Folded over chest to thigh I started to sweat and soaked in the heat. Eventually warm enough I wandered the halls, saw an atrium of a room with three story ceilings and masseuse tables. Next time I thought I myself. I was redressed.

I saw lockers and that they were of all sizes and mostly unused. Free little boxes. Some of various blues, some orange, some cream. I picked an extra large square blue one, at hand level, right around the wall return from the sauna box, by the large spinning machine.

Hopping thru the pillared space around the spinning machine, it looked like a cotton candy maker but it was spinning stuffed animals. I went in a classroom and had a rest, lying across a table. When I woke, I was in a photo shoot for the soccer team. We were in a kind of V and I was back left. Someone from the front with a long lens said smile, then another did, and then we were all asked to leave for the next team standing impatiently at the end of the alcove.

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