Monday, September 13, 2010

the most incredible shade of purple & someone else's daughter

dream of two fragments.

1. At a hair salon getting my hair dyed (never dye my hair at a salon). they were aiming towards a black-brown (shade: ebony mocha). but they loosed my wet rinsed hair from the towel and it tumbled out in the most incredible cool bright shade of purple. almost leaning to lapis lazuli blue. loved it, beautiful and wilk, came past my shoulders.

2. A complex dream full of angst and complicated indivdual storylines. The only relevant strange, dreamt my friend W.'s daughter K. was my daughter. Didn't recognize her until I woke up. And one of the first times I've not dreamt my 'dream daughter', the child that I consistently dream who's always the same child, my child.

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