Monday, December 6, 2010

Mom told me, in an offhand order, that she wouldn't be finished shopping in time for her to meet her guests at home so i would have to. I arrived at her house. Two dog walkers were cutting across her lawn, seemingly oblivious to each other or me. The one wirey-haired black dog kept pouncing the muzzle of the equally stumpy-legged left dog of the two on the leash of the other man. I told the dog to stop, not that it did. I saw the clothes had been taken off the line but not taken in. I looked up at the gathering rain clouds. I walked faster and and i stumbled over its leash. the had dog nipped across the path of my ankles to joust with the other dog again. A soynd in gravel behind.

A car pulled in behind. I went to grab the laundry and looked in. The house was a shambles. Did she mean me to go to fix this up or accept it and only greet the visitors, entertain until she came? The door was still propped open with the basket on my hip. I looked back. The black car door opened and a blur of a cat ran out, put on her air brakes at the sight of three dogs.

The cat's full tilt ran a zigzag as she looked for a new route. It dived for the open door and bounded stairs before hitting a low run. I could hear cat claws along the laminate flooring the scratching then a scramble and pops. I followed the cat in to see. she'd gone to the farthest reaches of the house, the bathtub on the far wall of the bathroom which was filled with yesterday's balloons and sprigs of rubber which had already caught her claws.

I started laughing too fast to breathe and leaned against the door jamb. A couple people came in behind me and i could only raise a limp arm ans point at the wide-eyed cat afraid to move with balloons to either side and on top. Straightening her tremble at having her dignity laughed at she switched posture to trapped, miserable but glowering as if she were being covered in soap bubbles but would exact a revenge.

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