Monday, December 13, 2010


in a public bathroom with no stall doors, only open cubicles beside some toilet I realize after going that my thick roll of toilet paper is splattered.

I unroll and unroll and each sheet has a dried splotch formerly saturated by wet brownish. J. comes into the room, her reflection on the dingy mirror highlighting with her reflection how dirty and dingy the walls are are in contrast to her crisp oranges and purples.

she greets me with a perky cheer. she looks at my dilemma, sombrely nods and remarks "yes, you should be careful what eye you put up to your own". and then hands a bit of blue fleece rag to the man around the corner, shrugs as if her hands are tied, she brought one and it was for him. I continue unravelling the roll to find a clean spot.

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