Monday, January 24, 2011

Watching the Paste Dry

What does it say of my unconscious that I dream of wallpaper being hung?

Seriously brain? Is there a symbolic reading of that? I suppose there could be for anything.

Could be processing the textured wallpaper seen recently.

Except in night cinema, from one angle it was glossy cream, and from another angle it was hideous oranges, reds, yellows, avocado and John Deere greens of mismatching folksy art things. It was in mismatched strips. There must have been a hundred designs on one width of test wall in our living room. I woke myself and hubby by yelling in my sleep "Butt Ugly!"

What does it mean that am I louder in my sleep and in my laughter than in any other time or place?


  1. I have been going through this blog- I find these dreams have the makings for good short story practice. I am still working on the off world 'Marshall Borland' piece I started...

    Love this!

  2. I suppose they do. Some feel like they could become stories.