Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Heritage Day Events

In a staging area where the corridor widened there was a performance called poetry that had the spirit of Kozachok except people leapt several heights in the air and landed in a cross legged position. K & B were at the front doing it. Along the corridor were registration tables and food tables. I was looking at those and a crowd gathered. W was backing up towards me until he was between hover and lean. I could feel his heat and he hummed a tune and I echoed the song back then he leaned out and merged with the crowd. I picked up what I thought was a can of sardines and went down the hall towards where the wall on the left wasn't matched by the atrium on the right. There's was a man-made stream/pond. I looked at the artfully placed fallen logs, ferns, lily pads and saw a leopard fog. I opened my tin and saw I picked up a can of snakes by accident. On the top were two green snake heads, eyes still bright yellow. I picked then off and flicked them towards the pond. One was eaten in a gulp by a frog that leapt for it. The other hit a rock and sank out of sight. I woke examining my can of green snake lengths in brine wondering if I wanted the rest.

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